Welcome to flowerland, we would love to see you at either of our garden centres one day, but in the mean time we hope you find all the information you need on our website, but of course you can always call and speak to us in person too.

Easter Events

View our Easter Bank Holiday Events for all the family...

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Gifts for people who love their garden

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Seasonal plants

Fresh from our local nursery at Iver

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Pet supplies

Good beds for happy cats

Only the very best pet care supplies

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Eats of Eden

Book a table at our Eats of Eden restaurant

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Choosing compost

Compost is a finely-balanced thing, a complex blend of minerals, nutrients and organic matter judged so your plants perform at their best. It's no surprise, then, that there are nearly as many types of compost as there are varieties of plant.

We stock dozens of varieties in our garden c…

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Scarifying grass

If you haven't done it so far this spring, your lawn could benefit from a raking right now with a wire-rined rake. Work over the grass in two directions , the second at right angles to the first. The idea is to extract dead grass (called ‘thatch') and moss. It will also lift some straggly grass stems for more efficient cutting. ;

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