Two of the largest garden centres in Buckinghamshire...


From the beginning, Flowerland or Bourne End Nurseries as it was then known was founded in 1950 by Bryn Evans a young farm manager from Marlow with an entrepreneurial streak. As a means to subsidise the very seasonal business of rearing turkeys for Christmas, Bryn started a market gardening and landscaping business which flourished through the summer months.

The Bourne End site that stands now was once a flooded watercress field but the watercress fed the turkeys, which made the meat succulent and tasty and the field was drained. The beginnings of Bourne End Nurseries was born.

There was only one small greenhouse at first and no toilet for customers – if need be they were directed over the road to Bryn’s house! Slowly the nursery grew more and more plants each season in more greenhouses, with more staff. We have now been growing seasonal bedding, shrubs, herbaceous and houseplants for over 60 years.

The business grew to include many sites and to employ many people from our local community, with much more than just plants, we now have pet care, clothing, aquatics, sheds, gifts, food hall and a restaurant and some toilets!

Now the business is run by the second generation, and we are very proud to be part of a local, family business and to say that Bryn Evans is our Dad.

Hugh Evans, Matthew Evans and Beth Evans